Jacob Baker-Kretzmar is a developer in Toronto, Canada.

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Save my spot!

Web app to download Spotify playlists as Excel spreadsheets. Single-page Vue app with vue-cli.


Forestrial Brain

For Open Space Arts Society

Online publication documenting Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane’s 2017 Forestrial Brain installation at Open Space art gallery in Victoria. Jekyll static site.


For Tucker House Renewal Centre

Website for Tucker House Renewal Centre. Custom WordPress theme.


For Greta Hamilton

Personal portfolio website for Greta Hamilton. Jigsaw static site.



For Madi Haslam

Personal portfolio website for Madi Haslam. Jekyll static site with Netlify CMS.



For the Arts Abstract

Website for the Arts Abstract, Halifax arts magazine and newsletter. Custom WordPress theme.


For The Watch Magazine

Website for campus magazine at the University of King’s College. WordPress theme redesign.

Hinge  Vol. 22 &  Vol. 23

University of King’s College journal of Contemporary Studies. Type and layout design, original cover artwork. Published by etc. Press in Halifax.

CANON  Vol. 1

Journal by Students Advocating Representative Curricula (SNARC) at the University of King’s College, focused on marginalized voices in academic discourse. Type, layout, and cover design. Published by etc. Press in Halifax.